Friday, March 27, 2009

Things That Happen

Well here I am again. I was away from SL for a long time due to a lot of RL stuff. I met some new friends the other night too. I met Aaeodama Starostin and DaddysLilGirl Naidoo.

One person I met from Chiaroscuro, Aasha Aeon, passed away in RL. I did not know her well, I had only spoken to her once or twice in chat. She was very nice despite being in pain. She had been sick for a while. It was sad to hear the news of her passing but sadly it was not unexpected. My friend Leigh Eel made a really cool lily arrangement. Here is a picture with Opacus Jenkins looking around from the back. There really is a lot of detail here so I zoomed in on that.

Well I am sorry I don't have much to say tonight but I hope all my readers are doing well. I will write more soon.
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