Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floating in a Pool is Important

Sometimes just doing nothing is really doing something. My friend Ricardito Castaignede and Andrzej Eberhardt (and others not in picture, but equally important) are here just floating and talking about stuff.

I was thinking about living for the moment. A lot of people who like to give wise advice say "you should live for the moment". But what if it is a bad moment? I mean what if you are at a terrible job or you live in a bad place or have some sort of obnoxiously evil person bothering you? Then you have to make your mind live for the future or live in the past, but you have to make your mind go out of the present for sure.

I have a lot of friends in SL but I also joined facebook. I don't understand facebook at all. I keep getting people who send request to be friends. I like that, but I don't know the people, they are just names. I reminds me of being a boy scout and getting lots of merit badges. I was never in the boy scouts in RL. I thought it was too controlling. You wore a uniform and got badges to wear and did things that seemed like you were being trained for something. Or maybe not trained but programmed for something. In fact going to school is like that. The bell rings and you go here. It rings again and you go there. It is just like Pavlov's dog.

If fact a lot of life is just like Pavlov's dog experiments. We just let ourselves get jerked around because we want to eat a pizza, have sex, or some other thing. I think so many people allow themselves to be jerked around that it is important to just lie in the pool and float.

And now this last part of this blog post doesn't really relate to the first part. In fact I am not even sure why I am putting it in here. But sometimes certain pieces of music stick in your head. This is not contemporary, it was from the Jackie Gleason show from a long time ago. I found out that he wrote it but didn't know how to read music. He just thought it was a great sounding melody. But it sounds very sad. It is strange to have sad music in a comedy show.

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