Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Build A House - But It Ends Up Looking Goofy

Well dear blog readers I was wishing I had a house and figured that I can build one. But the results didn't look so good when I got done.

First I thought maybe I will use lots of patterns and colors since I like color. It started out square so I thought I would put this really cool dome on the top. I thought I could make it look like a little Hagia Sophia. I put some colors in the dome texture. I thought why not use many different textures so it would look bright and exciting? Well when I finished I stepped back to check it out.

Instead of a masterpiece it looked more like a house built by Moe, Larry, and Curly. Then I didn't have a door to put on. I will have to learn how to write door scripts or find a freebie door I guess. I stepped back and come to the conclusion I may need to think before I build, rather than just throwing stuff up like a goof ball. But then when I think too much I make stuff that looks boring. I guess the best thing is to be 50% goof ball and 50% super planner freak.
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