Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogs, Dancing, and Leaping Lizards

Usually at dance clubs people just sort of blurt out a lot of goofy chat lines and say stuff that looks like a picture with the text. Sometimes I get nosy and start looking at people's profiles. I noticed Karl Herber's profile (that's his picture) and saw he had a blog so I thought I would take a look. I enjoy it when people write a whole lot of stuff and we started IM talking. I put a link to his site and one he writes on SL freebies (a handy thing to read) on the side.

As I was talking to Karl it made me think of blogs and SL and why people write them and why people read them and who reads them and so on. Different people look at the world so differently and it is good to share that.

OK so if you look at the title of this blog you are probably wondering why I put "Leaping Lizards" in the title. Well a title is an important part of a story and just "Blogs and Dancing" seemed like it needed something else. Little Orphan Annie always said "Leaping Lizards" but I never knew why. Did they have lizards in New York City cartoon land?
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