Friday, December 25, 2009

Getting Old

Yikes - I can't believe I am almost two years old. I remember a long time ago I first came to SL on Christmas day or around that time. A lot of time old people say "my how time flies". Now I am saying it. I am freaking myself out.

I saw this movie the other day where this guy was talking about when he was a kid and could only listen to the radio. The whole movie was just about things that happened around or related to the radio. There was this one scene where people were celebrating New Year's Eve on the top of a building in New York City. They all looked up at the sky and said "Do you think anyone will ever remember 1939 and us here tonight?" (or what ever year it was - I forgot to take good notes) It was one of those "zowie" things I thought, you know, when someone says something that makes your brain feel like it is eating a kumquat, but only sad and happy at the same time. Like a kumquat tastes sweet and tart at the same time. It was a zowie thing to say.

Well blog readers I started thinking about all the people who lived lives a thousand years ago and figured that they must have wondered if anyone would remember them. Once I saw some Egyptian art work and though "wow - the people that did that were real humans!" That must sound like a goofy statement and you may say "well of course". But just think about it, just as you are reading this crazy post you are breathing, maybe eating, etc. but you are alive now. I guess when the guy that did that art work died, some people remembered him, then they died, but the children may remember, until they die. I guess even "famous" people eventually get forgotten.

I liked that movie because it was both happy and sad at the same time. Maybe I feel happy and sad all the time. I have a new theory about why we are the way we are. OK - here it is: We all have minds that are like these configurable building blocks. If you get too concerned about say, what someone thinks about you, or if they are not nice to you or something, then just like a tree, branches grow in that direction. So it is important to re-configure your mind, or trim those branches to keep you in good health in the mind department. I guess we just have to keep growing new branches all the time or something.

I wonder if anyone ever reads any of these blogs we post? Maybe we are just electronically scribbling a lot of stuff that will get buried or erased. I guess it beats watching TV all day and eating potato chips.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sometimes We Need a New Head

Well Blog readers I was not very good about posting last week. So I decided I needed to post to provide the therapeutic catharsis it can bring. Wow - I really like the sound of that - "therapeutic catharsis" - I'm not sure if that is a real term - it sounds like one - but maybe I just made it up and am thinking it is a real term. Anyway that is far too much to type so going forward I will refer to this as "TC". Well earlier I met up with Andrej Petlyakov who I have not seen for a long time. I guess he has been dealing with a lot of stuff to keep him from goofing off in SL, I can understand that. I took a picture, here it is to the left.

Also this week I met a cool new friend, Leif Ashdene. I was at some neko place and saw his profile, which sounded interesting, so I said hello - or something or other like that. He is really very smart and interesting. So we exchanged friend stuff. I started facebook but I am not sure I like it. I get a lot of requests from people to be my friend but I don't know who they are. I am sure they may be nice people (or maybe robots?) but I don't know if you can be friends with someone you don't know. It is like collecting a bag of marbles, some people have a big bag, but it is better to have a small bag with a lot of cool swirlies and glassies. (that is marble talk)

Now I am going to tie the term "TC" and neko together. Ready? I always remember cartoon cats were never the good guy. Like Sylvester and Jerry. They would get smashed up or blown up or some how hurt. A long time ago I was talking to Dougg Eebus (who must have disappeared) and he pointed it out. I do remember one cartoon, Top Cat, where the cats were the good guys. The other cats called him TC.

Now I am going to tie Andrej to the human head. Yes this is just like the circus or a magic act! "How will he do that?" you may wonder. Well I was really thinking I needed some new hair. (not really a new head but sort of) Last year Andrej found a Star Trek sim. I wrote about it here. I think the reason the old Star Trek was so popular was that our minds are just like the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise. We want to be logical like Mr. Spock but we can't be because our emotions drive also. It is just like those little boats that go around and around in a circle at the amusment parks, you know the ones that little kids ride on. Not the "super scary throw up your cotton candy" ones, just the ones that go slowly around in a circle. Each seat has a steering wheel in it. That's because when you are a little kid you want to drive the boat, or car, or whatever. So we all have a bunch of steering wheels in our minds and they all steer. But you know the really odd thing is that all of these steering wheels are just for looks - they don't steer anything.

I'll have to think on this some more. Please take care dear readers and thank you for visiting.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hark, an Egg!

Well dear blog readers I was doing something sort of dangerous. I was thinking about stuff. Sometimes if you think about something, something will come out. It is just like a chicken laying an egg. I never lived in the country so I am no expert on chickens. But I guess if I were a chicken grower, (or a chicken raiser?) I would go out to the chicken house and look and say "Hark, an egg!". I don't think people say "Hark" anymore, I think that word went out with Shakespeare. But it is a good word. Hark, an egg.

Well so anyway I was thinking about stuff and then - Hark, an egg!

I think there are three types of people.
  1. Artists
  2. People that don't have any ideas about anything, almost never.
  3. Cool Thing Doers.

OK here are the details. Artists are busy making "Art" with a capital A. That's good. But when you look at it you have to put on an art hat, or wear art glasses. This requires a boat load of brain power to know all that art history stuff.

People that don't have any ideas are like bowling balls. You may say "Rammy why a bowling ball?" Well bowling balls have two holes at the top for the fingers. They look like eyes. Then a thumb hole that looks like a mouth going "Ohhhhh". That is what the heads of people who don't have ideas about anything look like. Just walking around going "Ohhhh".

Then there are cool thing doers. I will call them CTDs. CTDs just do stuff because it is cool. That's one of the things I liked about that Burning Man stuff. It is just a bunch of CTDs doing things you can look at and say "Man, that sure is a cool thing!", what ever that thing is.

OK now back to chickens. My friend Leigh won some baby chickens. They are really cute little chicks and make a cheep cheep sound. But you have to buy some sort of special chicken feed to keep them from croaking. Or kicking the bucket. Or going to that great chicken coop in the sky.

Then I had a mean thought. I would make the cutest thing you could ever think of - like a Japanese kitty type creature and give them away in SL. When people got them I would write a script that would make them cry and ask for special food from Rammy Urriah Enterprises and people would have to buy it or the poor little kitties will die. They would cry and cry and people would have to buy the special food because they would not want the cute kitties to die. I would become rich!

That is such an evil idea! Well I would NEVER resort to those sorts of things lest you fear your humble blog poster be, to quote "W" himself, an evil doer.

Please have a good time all and remember to enjoy life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things you think are important are NOT

Well blog readers you are probably used to posts that are filled with goof ball philosophy. And now to continue in that fine tradition is even more goof ball philosophy. Here is my new theory.

The things you think are very important now and are stressing you out will 100% guarantee NOT be important after a length of time. Here is how I will prove this theory. Think of something that stresses you out today. It can be anything. OK now think about all the stress that is driving you crazy about it. Now visualize that stress as a blob of ugly color. Now ask yourself:

Will this still be stressing me out:
  1. ten minutes from now? - probably yes
  2. an hour from now? - probably yes too
  3. tomorrow? - more than likely but not as much mainly because the burn out from it has toned it down
  4. next week? - yeah probably still some
  5. next month? - not so much
  6. next year? - still think about it but new things take its place now
  7. in ten years? - oh yeah I still remember that
  8. in twenty years? - I have to think to remember it now
  9. in 50 years? - I either vaguely remember or I am dead and don't care
  10. in 1000 years? - is my life on earth that important that it even matters to anyone?
  11. in a million years? - what?????
  12. in a billion years? - what what what???? of course it is ridiculous that the event even existed
OK now I have proved to you that it is not worth being stressed out about ANYTHING. Now you don't have to get all uptight and upset anymore because it has been proven using the Rammy scientific proof system that you don't ever need to be stressed out again.

On another note I visited a cool robot museum the other day and took a picture.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Virtual Relationships with Dolphins

First of all dolphins really do make that sound "EEE EEE". That's not something somebody made up for TV. Sometimes they just say "EEEEEEEEE" or squeak. I know this for a fact - I swear it is true. I saw someone the other night who just had German in his profile so I thought, well maybe I could talk through on of those translator web sites. Well it was basically a disaster. Oh well - that is what happens.

Well back to dolphins and I guess television and virtual reality. I have a theory that people watching television have a virtual relationship with the people on TV. So virtual reality is not new, huh? I always liked Sandy on Flipper, and I think a lot of other people have told me they did too. It would be kind of cool to just spend the day with out your shirt on and wearing jean shorts. It was really strange they had no female characters in the show. I am not sure what happened to the mother. Also the two brothers didn't look anything alike. Maybe they were adopted by the father in the show.

However there was a female character(s) on Flipper, all of the dolphins were girl dolphins. I guess they couldn't show boy dolphin parts on TV in those days. After all it was before de-phallicsizing technology. But maybe boy dolphins would have made an interesting show.

Sometimes I wonder if people ever read blogs. I mean anyone in the world can read what I write. Maybe the pen is mightier than the sword. A voice inside my head told me tonight that power is dear to those who feel they have none. I don't know why that voice in my head told me that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floating in a Pool is Important

Sometimes just doing nothing is really doing something. My friend Ricardito Castaignede and Andrzej Eberhardt (and others not in picture, but equally important) are here just floating and talking about stuff.

I was thinking about living for the moment. A lot of people who like to give wise advice say "you should live for the moment". But what if it is a bad moment? I mean what if you are at a terrible job or you live in a bad place or have some sort of obnoxiously evil person bothering you? Then you have to make your mind live for the future or live in the past, but you have to make your mind go out of the present for sure.

I have a lot of friends in SL but I also joined facebook. I don't understand facebook at all. I keep getting people who send request to be friends. I like that, but I don't know the people, they are just names. I reminds me of being a boy scout and getting lots of merit badges. I was never in the boy scouts in RL. I thought it was too controlling. You wore a uniform and got badges to wear and did things that seemed like you were being trained for something. Or maybe not trained but programmed for something. In fact going to school is like that. The bell rings and you go here. It rings again and you go there. It is just like Pavlov's dog.

If fact a lot of life is just like Pavlov's dog experiments. We just let ourselves get jerked around because we want to eat a pizza, have sex, or some other thing. I think so many people allow themselves to be jerked around that it is important to just lie in the pool and float.

And now this last part of this blog post doesn't really relate to the first part. In fact I am not even sure why I am putting it in here. But sometimes certain pieces of music stick in your head. This is not contemporary, it was from the Jackie Gleason show from a long time ago. I found out that he wrote it but didn't know how to read music. He just thought it was a great sounding melody. But it sounds very sad. It is strange to have sad music in a comedy show.

Friday, July 31, 2009

SecondLife Competition

Dear Blog readers - I must tell you about something I found while surfing the Internet. I found a real threat to SecondLife that seems to be almost in another level insofar as technology is concerned. There is literally no lag in this world. The graphics are truly remarkable. The details are here.

Update: this link is dead - sorry

Monday, July 20, 2009

Friends and Being a Human Being

I don't know why I came up with that as a title. I guess I was just thinking about friends and what all the friend stuff is all about and how it fits into everything. I have met a lot of new friends in the past few weeks but I still have many good old friends as well. My brain started to explode thinking about why we have friends and why we need friends. Humans are so funny.

I wonder why humans have friends? Is it because we need to work as groups and all the humans who did not think this died out 1000's of years ago? Maybe. So maybe we feel good to have friends and that is part of our brains or something.

Then I started thinking of what I think is important and will it be important next year, next 10 years, next 100 years, and next 1000 years. Have you ever gotten mad at someone and really felt angry? I know I have. But is it really worth it when you think of the big picture? I am thinking it is not.

Man I really went of into outer space on this post. I must be a closet Buddhist. Well anyway I guess I am wondering what ever happened to a lot of the people I met. I guess they disappeared from the SL universe. It is like being a mouse in a cage and other mice find a hole in the cage and run out and could be free or could have been eaten by a cat. LOL

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Astroboy Holds Our Secrets

There was this cartoon called Astroboy about a boy robot who had an anime haircut (long before anime was popular) who could fly around on jet legs and did a lot of cool stuff that a normal boy could not do. He had x-ray eyes and a bunch of other stuff. Since he only spoke Japanese and since I watched it in English, his lips moved differently from what he said in English. It all seemed sort of exotic, like something that came from a different culture, with a different set of rules about what constituted entertainment. Here is the opening in English:

I haven't thought of Astroboy for a long time but I think they are probably going to make a Hollywood remake if they haven't already. Hollywood is not known for creative ideas these days. But what was weird about Astroboy is that you could watch him and imagine you are Astroboy. Or you could imagine that Astroboy was your friend. Even though he was just a boy robot, in an odd way you could feel connected to him. Even if his lips didn't match what he was saying.

Sometimes weird things pop into your head at odd times. Sometimes you remember weird stuff that happened a long time ago or people that you met once but have never seen since. I guess we just sew all this together like a big quilt. Speaking of quilts, when they made that big AIDs quilt I went to go to see it. I just wanted to see what it looked like. But I didn't stay long because I could not look at it as a casual observer since you could feel the people embedded in it. It is funny how people come up with the ideas to make things and the results have an overwhelming response to the people seeing it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Semiology of Second Life

My friend Franz says he stopped trying to explain Second Life to non SL'ers. Non SL'ers is just a weird way to say people who think people in SL have slipped a few gears. So it made me think about a bunch of things. For those of you who don't know slang, "slipped a few gears" means a little crazy. It is like:
  • a couple bricks shy of a load
  • the elevator doesn't go to the top
  • not dealing with a full deck
I was talking to my friend Alexx and I took a picture. We are together talking about a lot of stuff humans talk about. Since we are laying down together this way this means we are exchanging personal thoughts. I guess the picture has a meaning, thus the animation has a meaning.

Sometimes Alexx and I talk about stuff that is not quite rated G if you know what I mean. But that's OK - we are humans who do human stuff.

So anyway I don't even know why I am writing this. Maybe I just wanted to use the word "semiology" since it sounded like a really cool word.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gandhi Is In Prison

Someone told me I should go to see Mahatma Gandhi who is in prison at the Odyssey Art Sim. Some stuff about it is here. I took my friend Rico (Ricardito Castaignede) with me to talk to Gandhi in his cell. The thing that is really cool about it is just thinking about why this is happening? I mean why would someone reenact this? Poor Gandhi is protesting in a peaceful yet powerful way and we can go to talk to him to help cheer him up.

After we talked to Gandhi I got to thinking about a bunch of stuff. Why do people go to plays, watch movies, look at art, and just like to do stuff that is sort of weird and fun? And now the answer: Da ta da daaa, I don' know. But people do.

Now for the big connection point of this post. People should just do stuff and see what happens. And it makes the people who are the doee (that's a new word in means the people who see the stuff that the doers do) think and feel better than if they just sat around all day eating potato chips and watching television.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tigers and Dragons

I joined a group called Tigers and Dragons. Why is this group called "Tigers and Dragons"? It is because Kenshi (Kenshiro Pevensey) likes to be a dragon and Franz (Franziskus Ninetails) likes to be a tiger. (They are the people who were married here.) I guess that is the logic of it. Sometimes if you think too hard about stuff you will end up hurting your brain.

I haven't written to much lately so I need to have a brain leak all over the clean page of this blog post. Why do people do the things that they do? I don't mean that in a bad way, just observing. Why do people like to be dragons and tigers and things? I like to dress up as non-human things too. But it is really strange if you think about it.

Today I was thinking of all the people in the real world who don't have enough food to eat and every day is a struggle. Then I thought of all the people who are not enjoying good health. It is good to reflect but not to be trapped by being consumed by all the problems of RL. I guess it is like breathing air or something, you let a bunch of bad stuff come in and just exhale it out again. The other day I was just wondering around by myself and took the picture you see to the right. I think I am playing one of those Australian things that makes the funny noise although it looks like some sort of inhale thing.

Well I hope everyone is not letting their brains think to much, or if you are then just let it think some to keep the brain pathways open. If you don't it will be just like plants that grow up along a trail in the jungle and there could be so many plants that you can't go anywhere. Please take care everyone!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Wedding

I attended a wedding on Sunday and here is a full report of what happened, etc. Kenshiro Pevensey and Franziskus Ninetails exchanged vows in a ceremony that was creative yet tasteful. It was officiated by Rev. Jordan Carnell.

The wedding was attended by:
  • Spanki Moulliez
  • Eileanoir Braveheart
  • Cindy Rang
  • JoJo Mandel
  • Dafydd Sodwind
  • DeliciousDemon Chemistry
  • Kyne Tigerpaw
  • Neville Braveheart
  • Bac Compton
  • Mickael Pevensey
  • Wulfric Draconia
  • Ades Kanto
  • sabine Bolissima
  • Ralf Argus
  • Rio Paulino
  • Master Deakins
  • Heloq Tomsen
  • Mike Maximov
  • Spinaker Avro
  • Heya Jordyn
  • Vernidi Avro
  • Rammy Urriah (me) (if I forgot anyone please let me know)

Here is a full report of the ceremony. The first thing you saw was a portrait of the couple with two sets of pink flowers to the sides. Everything had a midnight theme except the couple who each wore white capes and suits. Many of the attendees wore dark clothes. Some were nekos in tuxedos. It was quite a formal entrance. Then the audience walked up a winding staircase to the place where the ceremony took place.

The actual place where the couple stood was done with torches, blue water, and rams' heads on the wall. It was formal. Rev. Carnell said, "gentlemen.. to your poseballs.." which was a sort of SL way to have a ceremony I guess. Then he carefully took the goblet.. held it high in the air.. and said: "The Priest Kings surely bless this union.." and then places it gently handed it off to Franz..

Then Franz made his vows:
"to uphold your honour, to protect you and heal you in times you need, to share with you the ownership of my slaves and my homes, to honor you above all men, to bring honour to your name and our joined households, to respect you as my Companion and as my protector, to discuss with you any acquisition of new property, to share with you the decision and responsibility with slaves, of any harsh punishments, branding, tattooing and piercing, to love you as my Free Companion, my lover, my friend and my brother through the bad times as well as the good times. This I, Franziskus Ninetails, Magistrate of Silver Tree, vow."

Then the goblet was passed to Kenshi and Kenshi made his vows:
"Sir Franziskus Ninetails, Magistrate of Silver Tree, to be faithful to you and our Free Companionship, to uphold your honour, to protect you and heal you in times you need, to share with you the ownership of my slaves and my homes, to honor you above all men, to bring honour to your name and our joined households, to respect you as my Companion and as my protector, to discuss with you any acquisition of new property, to share with you the decision and responsibility with slaves, of any harsh punishments, branding, tattooing and piercing, to love you as my Free Companion, my lover, my friend and my brother through the bad times as well as the good times. This I, Kenshiro Pevensey Head Slaver and Ambasador of Silver Tree, vows."

Then Jordyn Carnell again carefully took the goblet.. held it high in the air.. and said "The Priest Kings surely bless this union.." And so they were married.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fear of Not Being Original

The other night Leigh and Rico told me that JoshBear Sojourner was looking for panels for a AIDS quilt. Well I guess it wouldn't really be a quilt since it could be 3-D. I wanted to make a panel but I didn't have any good ideas. I ended up making a real dumb panel and now I don't think it's really very good. It is just a black box with a red ribbon. I should have thought more before I did it. Maybe I will get back and do a better one.

It is always funny when you make something and it is shown to other people. When ever you make something creative either one of two things occur: It is really cool and then you feel self conscious that people may think you are going to be an egotist for being "creative", OR it is really boring or stupid and then you feel self conscious that people will feel sorry for you because the thing you made is lame.

It is really strange to make things and then have other human beings look at them. I guess we do that in everything we do and artists are just the extreme of "thing" makers. Some people get self conscious about what they wear and what their hair looks like and so on because everything we do is sort of like art.

Well I haven't posted for a while, been too busy with some RL stuff. I put a picture on this post of me with hawk wings because I just felt like flying. They are some freebie wings I got somewhere, I think my friend Franz gave them to me.

I don't know if anyone has people they know outside of SL who think we are all a bunch of wackos. People say "You should not be playing games but should be living REAL life." I don't know what to think because I like all my friends here. Maybe we are all a couple bricks shy of a load as they used to say. Well anyway on Sunday I have an SL wedding to go to. I will post more on that later. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hookah Talking

Smoking is not good for your health but it is OK if you are just smoking from a magic hookah. That's my rule. Ricardito, Leigh, Del, and I smoked from a magic hookah and talked about a bunch of stuff last night. Rico (with orange wings) was very upset about some evil people who from RL who he had to deal with.

You know readers, I have a theory. No job would be bad if it were not for screwed up uptight you know whats that are always out there. I will refer to them as "*&^%" and you can put the word you want in there to describe them. *&^%'s are always ending up in what would otherwise be good places to work. If it were not for *&^%'s a job would be great, we would go in, get our tasks done, and go home and generally live a reasonable life.

BUT NO! There is a least one or two *&^%'s in every job and the only thing they do is just make the whole work system a screwed up environment. There are at least two, and some places that are really messed up have 3 or 4 or more *&^%'s! The real problem with *&^%'s is that they haven't got a clue how screwed up they really are. They just march around making otherwise reasonable people anoyed.

So here is my solution. When one of your *&^%'s starts talking to you in RL just imagine smoking from the magic hookah. Then stare close at their face. It will start to turn into a prune then it will have multi rays of rainbow light shining from the ears and eyes. Study the flow of the colors and shapes. Then they will say "Hey did you hear me" just say that Rammy said I should look into your mind and watch and there is no need to listen right now. They may say "Who is Rammy?" Tell them to come here because I'm not afraid of them! Sounds like a good approach. Just think if everyone did this the brains of all the *&^%'s would explode and the world would be free.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends I Have

One of my oldest friends in SL is Franziskus Ninetails. I met him when I first came to SL and we both learned a lot of stuff together. A few months ago I was at the house in Phoenix in Flames I saw that he was in world. I looked at the mini-map and I thought I saw a single green dot. I thought to myself "Franz must be alone in the sky house, I should go up and say hello to him." But I must not have seen the map correctly because he was with Kenshi. I would not have gone if I had seen that second dot but they were close together, I thought it was just Franz by himself. Franz was not happy that I came up there. I felt bad because I did not mean to interrupt. Franz said it was just like what someone else did to him and was mad. I felt upset because I was not trying to be like that other person.

Franz had given me a lot of "keys" to the property. I was very worried he would say "Rammy I want you to give back all your permissions." I thought the best thing to do is to give them all back and go away. That way Franz would know I could never interrupt again like that other person did. Also I would not have to worry about a confrontation. I don't like confrontations.

Well readers sometimes you do things that other people think are strange. I don't think I am always the smartest person in the world or anything, but I thought I should go and find new friends and new adventures and stuff. I thought that I will go away from Franz for a while, but maybe talk to him later.

The past few days I decided I should call him. So tonight I decided I will call. But then the weirdest thing happened. He called me. When I saw his name show up on the chat box it was eerie. So we talked some. I had to go out in RL and could not talk long or go and see him in person. So I will see him soon when I come back in world.

Having friends is a good thing but sometimes our relationships with friends are complicated. I must have a zillion friends but they don't light up on my list anymore. I think they may either have stop coming to SL or have turned my check box with the eye ball off. I think that maybe they met me once and decided they didn't want to be my friend anymore. Or maybe they forgot who I was or something. Well that's all for tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I started out coming in world at my friend Andy's (Andrzej Eberhardt) new place. I am glad he is not so worried and on edge as he was a week ago. I helped Andy put in a new radio for his land and I am glad he picked a really cool station. It sounded like a station that could be comfortable playing opera and rock right next to each other. He said I could build something in the sky if I wanted but I don't want to take too many prims. I am thinking I should build a sky meditation house where you can go to relax. I have an idea that you would be surrounded by soothing colors or something. But since I was building it from scratch I can make it low prim. Maybe I could sell them - but I would just charge a little because I don't want to be a money pig or anything. Then he went to cook dinner and I went over to visit my friend Alexx.

Alexx and I talked about a lot of stuff. He is very knowledgeable about theater. Here we are relaxing with my wings crushed against his chest. I don't know much other than it is fun to see a play. But he has studied theater and knows a lot about it. He talked about something called Phantasia which was sort of an aesthetic consciousness. He said we are endowing our avatars with our own Phantasia when we communicate to each other. He said even though it is irrational to get excited by pixels yet we are because there is feed back. It was a lot of stuff to think about.

But last night a really weird thing happened. Allex was visiting Italy and I had previously had a premonition of an earthquake. But don't worry readers I am sure he is OK. Well it was certainly a weird coincidence.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Things That Happen

Well here I am again. I was away from SL for a long time due to a lot of RL stuff. I met some new friends the other night too. I met Aaeodama Starostin and DaddysLilGirl Naidoo.

One person I met from Chiaroscuro, Aasha Aeon, passed away in RL. I did not know her well, I had only spoken to her once or twice in chat. She was very nice despite being in pain. She had been sick for a while. It was sad to hear the news of her passing but sadly it was not unexpected. My friend Leigh Eel made a really cool lily arrangement. Here is a picture with Opacus Jenkins looking around from the back. There really is a lot of detail here so I zoomed in on that.

Well I am sorry I don't have much to say tonight but I hope all my readers are doing well. I will write more soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

We Are All Under Stress in The Real World

I guess I am just a stressed out person. I don't want to be. I want to run away rather than deal with stuff. Well I know I'm not perfect. That's why I like SL, it's a great place to run away.

I have not written to my blog for over 15 days now. I have not been to SL too much - or at least as much as I used to lately. I have all these ideas that I want to do but just don't have the time. I don't want to make a lot of stuff to sell and make money but just make cool stuff and give it to people. I guess that is not the way the system is supposed to work. I keep hearing "suits" talk on TV in RL saying how things are so bad, etc. etc. When you hear bad stuff over and over and over I think it pollutes the mind of civilization and makes minds of the world's people like a bunch of lemmings running off the cliff.

This all has made me think of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bugs Bunny finds a little penguin and tries to get him back to the North Pole through the whole cartoon. At the end of the cartoon the little penguin hands Bugs Bunny a card that says he is the "World's Only Hoboken Penguin". Bugs Bunny says "HOBOKEN!!!" When I was a kid and saw this cartoon I did not know what Hoboken meant since I did not grow up in metro New York. I thought Hoboken may have mean heart broken or something. Or maybe house broken. It would be good to have a house broken penguin I would guess. But I digress from my main point. And my main point is that I have no point.

I guess the people who made cartoons made something that had an impression on me. The people who are the most powerful people alive are the people who plant seeds in the next generation's minds.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines, Spelling Problems and Toys

I have really been busy in RL and didn't even have time to take a picture for this blog entry. But I just wanted to put something out anyway. First of all I tried to make a bunch of hand made valentines cards but I messed some of them up. I didn't run any spell check on the words so I had a boat load of spelling errors on them. I slipped them under doors and rang the bell and ran away, which is the tradition. I wish I had more time to make them.

Now for a story that really has no meaning. It is just about how you can feel a certain way sometimes. Imagine you get a really cool toy airplane. This is a model but a realistic one, one you can fly by a handle attached to a string. The string will make the rudders go up and down so it will be just like really flying.

This is not some splashy tacky toy, it is made somewhere from a company that employees toy makers who have a passion for their toys. You look at the box. It has a really nifty illustration of a flying plane on the outside of the box. You look at the picture and project yourself in it as a pilot. You run your hand over the box.

You take the plane out for a first run to test it out. You take it out of the box. It has all sorts of little parts, realistic little wheels that roll for take offs and landings, little tiny windows over the cockpit. You put the special fuel in with the little hose. You start the little engine. The little motor makes a buzzing sound and starts to move.

In a few seconds the little plane goes up into the air but for no reason suddenly takes a nose dive and crashes to earth breaking into a dozen pieces. There it lays, all the pieces, never to be put back. The new toy is broken.

Sometimes I think we are all half crazy. But we are all crazy on different halves. The only good thing about a sad story is that it helps clean me out in some sort of weird way. Well I better end this now before everyone thinks I've gone off the deep end.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is Theater But Ending With Brain Pockets

This evening I was really mad. I had a really cool idea for this thing I wanted to build in SL. I won't tell you about it so when I finish it I can let you know. But I couldn't make stuff do what I wanted with the rotation scripts - I think it has to do with multiple linked objects or something. Any way I got so mad I shouted out a lot of bad language, since it was a mature sim I figured I could. Franz heard me and came over but he couldn't quite fix it either and he had to go.

The other day I met Alexx Babii (with me in this picture) and he called tonight to show me a recreation of the The Theatre of Pompey and gave me a quick tour. I made the mistake of thinking the theater was from the city of Pompey - it was named after a Roman General and there is no relation to the doomed city. You can find it at Theatron in SL. Later Alexx showed me his tree house that was decorated with many "classical" images on the wall.

And now changing the subject, I have some thoughts on brain pockets. You know how you meet someone who seems real smart and they talk loud as though they were the biggest know-it-all in the universe? I don't think anyone is ever any smarter than anyone else - I think it all boils down the the number of brain pockets you have. Some people have lots of brain pockets, some that button up, and some with zippers. They fill their brain pockets up with pieces of facts, nonsense, and sometimes a good thought. But you should never let someone with a lot of brain pockets make you feel inferior because it is not the number of pockets a person has, it is what is being held in them. But always remember to take the tissues out of your brain pockets before you put them in the washing machine.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earthquakes, Snow and the Nerdy Fairy Look

I don't really have anything important to post tonight. I met someone named Alexx Babii and we chatted a bit. He read my previous posting on the theater and gave me some links to some things I should look at. We also chatted a bit about the recent snow in his RL world. Later DeliciousDemon Chemistry came by and talked. Before I left I threw a conceptual snowball at Spanki to see how he was. I also got an IM from Rico - hi Rico - hope you are reading this.

Well now to the inchoate contemplations of my wayward mind as they appear in the fecund sod of my sub-consciousness. Rather than choose to create myself as a gorgeous hunk oozing in popularity and good looks, I decided to make myself a nerdy fairy tonight. Don't ask me what possessed me to go this route. I even added some studious glasses along with my knee socked tennis shoe shod outfit. It is very liberating to not be some ideal or cannon of perfection but to be made of fascinating nuances. That's good because I can look any way I want to.

Now to the big prediction. I am hoping everyone in California is ready just in case a big earthquake hits. You never can tell and it is good to be ready. There have been a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes in many places lately.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

KAR 120C Where Are You?

The Globe. I guess a certain theatrical flair shows up in this image. Leigh and I stand looking like something from a lost play by Bill himself.

I was not sure what I wanted to write about tonight but then I thought I should just start and thoughts will come. Sometimes when I chat I start to talk but then I say "oh that's not really what I mean to say" then I take it back, then I put it back out again, then take it back, and so on. I guess that's just normal. That's why writing a blog allows you to write, re-write, delete and re-write again.

I'm not sure theater in SL will really work so well. You would have to animate all the actors moves ahead of time and if you do that it is not acting. I think acting is when you watch and are just a little bit nervous that the actor will make a mistake. And I'll bet the actors are nervous too. If they will mess up their lines or sound bad. But that fear of mistakes or something uncontrollable that could happen reminds us what real life is like. Maybe that is why we like to watch a live play. I think if the animations are automated it would be just like watching a movie and would not be so interesting.

I wonder if I would be a good play actor? I'll bet the actors who do it for a long time get used to the experience. I wonder why humans invented acting in the first place? I think a good theater troupe would be very close so they give each other sort of psychic support energy during the play. I'll bet acting is fun.

Well I don't usually put these TV links in my blog, but for some reason this TV show reminds me of Second Life. I am not going to say anything about it though.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bananas, Onions, Soap, and Cheese

The other day Leigh, Franz, DeliciousDemon Chemistry, and Naedani Aridian sat around a camp fire and talked about stuff. The smoke sort of got out of control, must have been bad wood. While we were talking we tried on some different clothes, outfits, and creature aviatars. Franz stayed the same, he was dressed sort of in a tidy white suit. You almost can't see him behind the fire.

Then I thought to myself that guys are not supposed to like to dress up and change to new clothes for fun. If you are a guy you are supposed to talk tough and loud, the reason is so other guys will be sure to hear you talking tough and loud. But you are not supposed to try out clothes and costumes just for fun.

Then I had two great thoughts for a happy life that must be shared. The first is to never invite company over for a dinner you prepare that combines bananas and onions. If you do only invite over people who you don't like a lot.

The next rule for a happy life is to not confuse a bar of soap with cheese. If you do you will be in for a rather unpleasant result.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning to Swim

This story has an SL picture of me visiting an underwater world, and this story is about water. My friend Leigh had a story about trust and it made me think of this story.

I had to take swimming lessons once a while ago when I was a kid because it is important to know in case you fall out of a boat or something. It was really scary to be in water over your head because you could slip under and not be able to breath. So naturally kids are not too keen on not breathing and were not so crazy about being in water without knowing how to swim.

The class was divided into 2 groups. Since I could swim a little I was put in the deep-end group. Our swim teacher was very nice. The other group had a mean teacher. He reminded me of Lurch on the Addams Family. He had a deep voice with eyes that rolled back into his head. But he believed in the "sink or swim" principle. When the kids cried that they were afraid to go into the water he would pick them up and just throw them in. They would scream and the scream would echo in the indoor tiled swimming pool room.

I am not sure the "Lurch" system is a good one, and I think it is not good to have "Lurch" swimming system memories in your mental closet. I remember one thing about swimming and that is that you just have to relax and not worry about going down. When you relax it is easy to float and then you can just swim with ease. I think it's sort of like when you trust things will be alright even though you know they may not be. I guess it is sort of like the fool in the Tarot deck.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sofa Talking

I took this picture of Leigh and I not really doing much. I guess I like it because sometimes it is good not to try to do too much. It seems like sometimes you really can't plan what is going to happen in your life - you just do stuff, eat and breath and before you know it things happen to you.

Later we went to a sim that was based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I didn't know all the details of the book since I never read it so I pretended I sort of knew what it was about but well, I was faking it. Leigh would never say "Rammy you nit-wit you don't know C.S. Lewis!" or anything like that. Some people are so smart about something and think everyone should know about it or else they are just a loser. It is almost like they know something and it is power.

Then I started thinking about negative energy. There are so many people that have a sort of passive negative energy. It bubbles out in strange forms. They just throw it out but it sounds like angry kids who hate their dysfunctional parents. Some days in both RL and SL you get a storm of negative energy. But it clears up after a while. I guess I need to remember that. Well if anyone has a bunch of bad energy swishing around their world just remember that it comes and goes. Well enough of that.

None of my friends have big egos - I think it why I like them all. I started to think about why men have such egos for some reason. I guess it common with, shall we say, the more traditional macho male stereotype. Then I came up with this really great theory. The ego is just a way to get males to go out and do the crazy work of slaying wild animals and killing off other tribes. It was necessary to have these males for the good of the society and its security.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Star Trek and Taking Pictures

My friend Andrej found a Star Trek Enterprise that we could sit in and travel through space at warp speed. Leigh and Andrej's friend Quirt traveled through space as well. Quirt took the controls and I guess Leigh pushed some buttons to make the ship go as well. I sat in the captain's chair. As a good captain I decided that the best thing to do was to trust the work of the button pushers. I guess that is how you should run a successful business, just employ good button pushes and sit back and let the business run. If you try to tell the button pushers (to be referred to going forward as BPers) how and what buttons to push you are not a very good captain. The whole history of human civilization is littered with organizations where the leaders tried to be BPers rather than let a skilled BPer do his or her thing.

I tried to take a picture but all you see are little tiny heads. When I learned to take pictures the old fashion way, with film, I didn't have a lot of money and I didn't want to waste film. So I would try to get as much of a bang for my buck as I could and stepped way way way back (that's so I would get as much in as I could) and take a picture of people with little teeny tiny heads that you would have no idea who they were.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Crazy Centaur Race

Well this is just a report on a crazy centaur race in Chiaroscuro. Delicious Demon Chemistry and I (in pink shirt) were racing on Leigh Eel and Nae - something. I was sort of dumb and forgot to write his name down so my news reporting skills are sort of bad. But he is a very nice centaur and as soon as I get his name I will put it in the comments section.

Anyway we thought it would be fun to race but it turned out to be a big mess. Leigh started "running into the ditch" as they say on the farm when you are driving the tractor. But he couldn't help it. It is easy for the ride receiver to complain since I didn't have to do any real work - just sit and ride. Ricardito came later and watched.

Well the whole thing was sort of funny and I kept laughing. Anyway - we were not racing for anything, we were just doing it to see how things would evolve. I think it is good to do things to see what will happen with out worrying about what is supposed to happen.

When I started to think about it today my head just sort of flowed into a big lake of crazy thoughts about having fun and enjoying things and all that stuff.

I think people have mind magnets that attract other people with mind magnets and these mind magnets are necessary for humans to be happy. If you spend time all day at a place where the other people's mind magnets are set to zero or are around other people whose magnets are sort of dulled out then you will never be happy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogs are Diaries Turned Upside Down Again

I still have this weird theory that blogs are diaries turned upside down. In a diary you write a bunch of stuff the you lock up with a key and no one will ever read it. But blogs you write a bunch of stuff and the whole world can read it if they want.

I just read my friend Leigh's blog and it is so moving and personal that I must confess I started to get sort of emotional because it was so personal. I am so glad he wrote it. It is here. It is very long but I enjoyed reading it.

Well that's all for now.
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