Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cellar Doors and Ball Peen Hammers

Well readers you may wonder why in the world did I choose "Cellar Doors and Ball Peen Hammers" as the title. Well let me tell you the story.

Leigh and I went to see Burning Man in SL and he suggested this writers party for people who write and love literature. I was almost too embarrassed open my mouth because everybody sounded so smart. I was afraid I would say something dumb and people would think I was running for US Vice President or something.

Then somebody said something about "hula" or something and I remembered I had a cool hula hoop. I started giving them to everybody. Then Leigh remembered he had a pogo stick and started giving out them. Before long people started to pogo AND hula! It was sort of funny to see a very literate group of probably college professors and serious writers all pogo-ing and hula-ing while talking about DH Lawrence and Virgina Wolfe.

For some reason (I can't remember why now) Leigh said something about a "ball peen hammer". Those are those hammers with a round ball head. I like the sound of the word - ball peen hammer. Then he said a writer mentioned the word cellar door as a word that had a nice sound. So I guess that's all I can remember .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing But Sitting On The Balcony

Poor Franz made a really nice notice for the club but it said "Thursday, September 24" not "Thursday, September 25". What a drag. I've done that sort of thing before too. I told him before it went out and he was going to change it.

We sat on the balcony talked some - just a boring day - just talking. I think the frat house is going to closet of Franz's inventory.

Now I must make a confession before my conscious gets to me. Last night there was a really fun Octoberfest party and I tried to look "German". I wore a handmade black, red and gold shirt to match the German flag. Some people said it was quite creative, thinking I had made it myself. Well I must confess my friend Leigh Eel made it and gave it to me before hand. I just let people believe I made it. Now the truth is out - Rammy Urriah - guilty of shirt fraud!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Should Not Be Verkrampft

Here is a picture of Franz, Quag and myself. We were talking and talking and Franz gave us a new word - "verkrampft".

I think the Germans have so many really good words and since I an English speaker I guess I like to snatch good words and put them up in a great big word collection box. Verkrampft is similar to feeling cramped up or tied up in knots, at least that is how I understand it. I think the word "cramp" must be a relative of it.

Franz says it is the opposite of easy. I will have to think and see if I can start to use it right. (Franz if you are reading this I hope I have this right)

I keep learning so many different things by just being around people. Maybe one day I will go to Germany and see it for myself. I will have to learn a whole lot more German words though because I don't want to visit a place and be rude by not knowing the basic words to be polite.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Clothes

I was really feeling sick in RL last week - what a drag. But I had joined a magick group and have been unable to get to the meetings the past few times. (magic with a "k" means a more spiritual type of magick in my mind, as opposed to "magic" which is the rabbit out of a hat sort of thing) I got a notecard that said to get a magic cape and I did. Then I decided to make a whole outfit to go along with it. I kept finding odd pieces of material and felt just like I was making a quilt.

Then I thought - well let me put my glow ball on my head. I made a glow ball so I would look like I was in an Italian painting. I was not sure why I made it but it seemed to go with this.

Well I was very happy with my clothes although some people on the internet may just say "Hey Rammy, you look like a goof ball!". Well I guess when we go through life if you were always worried about being a goof ball then we would never do anything and just become fat slobs who sat around watching TV all day.

Isn't the idea of fashion really strange? We put these pieces of cloth on us and it is sort of a way of expressing who we are. It is like we are always covering up or something and people never really see who we really are.

I felt so bad when I was sick I started talking to Franz about stuff that was very depressing for some reason. When I felt better I was so sorry I sounded morose. I guess when you get sort of ill your mind will go to strange places. I hope I can send good energy to all my friends - so hear it comes - if you are reading this right now - here comes - buzz - buzz -buzz - a great big positive vibe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Feeling Well in RL

Hello blog readers. I took this picture of Rickie, Franz, Quag, and me sitting at a bar. It looks like we must have had 3 or 4 of those blender drinks! I don't know who did the sitting animations for these bar stools but they certainly put us in odd positions. I am not feeling well in RL and think I better try to rest. I have a really bad cold and it is making me feel sore in the joints, throat, nose, lungs and so on. I hate to be sick. I don't think it is pneumonia, but it may be old monia.

Well last week my friend Rico came back in world and I am glad he is back. If I didn't feel so &#@! miserable I would like to write more. Sorry I can't say much. To all my friends - hello and please have a fun!
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