Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gandhi Is In Prison

Someone told me I should go to see Mahatma Gandhi who is in prison at the Odyssey Art Sim. Some stuff about it is here. I took my friend Rico (Ricardito Castaignede) with me to talk to Gandhi in his cell. The thing that is really cool about it is just thinking about why this is happening? I mean why would someone reenact this? Poor Gandhi is protesting in a peaceful yet powerful way and we can go to talk to him to help cheer him up.

After we talked to Gandhi I got to thinking about a bunch of stuff. Why do people go to plays, watch movies, look at art, and just like to do stuff that is sort of weird and fun? And now the answer: Da ta da daaa, I don' know. But people do.

Now for the big connection point of this post. People should just do stuff and see what happens. And it makes the people who are the doee (that's a new word in means the people who see the stuff that the doers do) think and feel better than if they just sat around all day eating potato chips and watching television.
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