Friday, November 4, 2011

The Oxymoronity of Black Lights

Last night I went over to the store of someone I met a long time ago, Fr0zenHawk Effingham. It is called CoudWhat? and is located here. There is a lot of stuff that reminded me of black lights, which caused some small machine in my brain to think "if white is light, how can it be black?" This small machine located in a tucked away corner just behind the eyeballs occasionally chugs out useless wanderings that are of no real value. We both talked a bit about eyeballs. I am not sure why but eyeballs have been the subject of artists for a zillion years. If you ever want to make a scary picture just put a big eyeball in it.

Anyway I made a picture of Fr0 (see right) but since I was feeling it needed a dash of trip vibe to the scene I adjusted it a bit.

Now I think the time has come to speak of ants. Yes those little six legged intruders into the sanctum of a human's shelter that crawl around like little explorers with one sole purpose, to find food.  Once they used to sell these ant farms to kids (I am not sure if they still do) and the kids could look at ants do ant-like things all day long. However since there was no way to insert commercials into the ant farm, their use was limited in the minds of the corporate establishment. Kids who never had ant farms never saw the little ants:
  1. plant corn and drive a little tractor
  2. fetch small ant eggs for omletes
  3. milk the little ant cows for fresh dairy products, like ant milk, ant yogurt, and best of all ant ice cream.
Anyway I think Salvador Dali had many ants in his pictures. Maybe ants get in our dreams at night or something. I think I am getting too ridiculous tonight so I better stop. I hope everyone is doing well and not stressed out about a lot of useless stuff that is truly unworthy of your time. Thank you for reading.
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