Friday, October 31, 2008

Sofa Talk With Friends

Dear blog readers, sometimes I think and think before I write something. I was just sort of sitting around with Spanki, Franz, and Quagmire, then a new person (I feel so bad that I forgot his name - Areo I think) came. Perhaps I will met him again so I can put him in my blog. Anyway I felt like even though I was typing and typing a bunch of stuff, I really couldn't be real. I mean I wanted to really communicate but I could only just type. It really felt so good to just sit around and talk about stuff. I think that maybe my friends know me better than I think though so maybe it is OK.

Last night I had a weird dream. I dreamed I was watching cars drive down the road. One of the cars started to fly. I thought to myself "that is odd for a car to fly". I started thinking the car will fall to earth and crash. And it did. It fell and the crowd watching all gasped. It crashed and smashed up probably killing the driver.

My friend Leigh had a very shocking and sad thing happen in his RL the other day. He called in IM so I went over to his his house. I hope he is doing better today.

I like to write blog posts that are sort of funny that people will have a good feeling and laugh with me but I guess I am not to funny tonight. Well I hope everyone is well and will see you all soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling Small

I don't have anything to say. I saw Dougg and we went to the Greenies house. I saw a big box of instant turnips - yum.

Sometimes I guess I feel small in the universe. Before I learned to read I would look at pictures in a book and try to guess what the stories were about. I would look at the printed words and try to identify as best I could with as little as I knew. I am guessing that if I saw a picture of me looking at a giant box like this I would be very curious what it was about. But I really don't have a story to go with this picture. So I will just have to leave it as people asking "Why is Rammy walking around a giant kitchen?". But it does look like a cool picture.

I guess my little life is not very important when you think of all the zillions and zillions of stars in the sky. But I think our lives are important to other people sometimes - so maybe that is the secret to life. Maybe we are just here to help other people. But what are the "other" people here for?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Times Rule

Dear blog readers I am so sleepy I don't know if I can even type tonight. Leigh and I were talking tonight. Dougg came by for a little while but he went away. Dougg is very small and I hope we did not scare him away since we are bigger than he is.

I had a theory about three times. If you think one of the things you want to do real badly is to ride a roller coaster you shouldn't just want to have as your goal to ride the roller coaster. That's because if you really really want to ride on it the first time you ride you will have so much adrenaline that all you will remember is holding on for dear life. Then when it is done you get off and say "well I rode on the roller coaster".

The second time you ride it you will start to learn where all the curves are and you can sort of appreciate it more. But the third time you will know all the curves and how things feel and all that. So I think if you really want to do something you should not have a goal to just do something but the goal should be to do it three times.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Build A House - But It Ends Up Looking Goofy

Well dear blog readers I was wishing I had a house and figured that I can build one. But the results didn't look so good when I got done.

First I thought maybe I will use lots of patterns and colors since I like color. It started out square so I thought I would put this really cool dome on the top. I thought I could make it look like a little Hagia Sophia. I put some colors in the dome texture. I thought why not use many different textures so it would look bright and exciting? Well when I finished I stepped back to check it out.

Instead of a masterpiece it looked more like a house built by Moe, Larry, and Curly. Then I didn't have a door to put on. I will have to learn how to write door scripts or find a freebie door I guess. I stepped back and come to the conclusion I may need to think before I build, rather than just throwing stuff up like a goof ball. But then when I think too much I make stuff that looks boring. I guess the best thing is to be 50% goof ball and 50% super planner freak.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

People Leaving

The other day I saw Andrej and had not talked to him for a while, at least a month. I took a picture. We talked about a lot of stuff.

My friend Franz has gone away. Maybe he needs a vacation. I hope he doesn't go away forever. It is good to take a vacation if you want to think about things. I hope I see him again someday. I hope he reads this.

I have keep talking to other people who say they are not into things in SL like they used to be. Maybe that is how things go. I wanted to do a lot of stuff at first but never really did. Well this post is just a mess. I don't know what I really want to say.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogs, Dancing, and Leaping Lizards

Usually at dance clubs people just sort of blurt out a lot of goofy chat lines and say stuff that looks like a picture with the text. Sometimes I get nosy and start looking at people's profiles. I noticed Karl Herber's profile (that's his picture) and saw he had a blog so I thought I would take a look. I enjoy it when people write a whole lot of stuff and we started IM talking. I put a link to his site and one he writes on SL freebies (a handy thing to read) on the side.

As I was talking to Karl it made me think of blogs and SL and why people write them and why people read them and who reads them and so on. Different people look at the world so differently and it is good to share that.

OK so if you look at the title of this blog you are probably wondering why I put "Leaping Lizards" in the title. Well a title is an important part of a story and just "Blogs and Dancing" seemed like it needed something else. Little Orphan Annie always said "Leaping Lizards" but I never knew why. Did they have lizards in New York City cartoon land?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cleaning Out and More

I forgot to take a picture last night but I found an old one to put it tonight's blog. It is of me playing the piano. I got a freebie shirt and it says "Star" on it. Once I was wearing it and a person I didn't know walked up to me and just said "Hey take that shirt off - you ain't no star!". That was rather mean to just walk up to someone and tell them to take their shirt off like that. But I think he was just joking because he said "LOL" after.

Anyway my friend Leigh was cleaning out some stuff and was sort of worried he should not have of thrown some stuff away. So a poem was written to document the event:

life is rough - so use less stuff
when in doubt - throw it out
set them free, set them free
if they return it was meant to be

It is sad that people do loose touch with each other. Sometimes I think life is just like a big bus station. People sit down - wait for their bus - and leave. And then you wonder what bus they got on and where they went.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Die, Der, und Das

OK now let me tell you what I have learned. In German you can have something that is either male, female, or neutral. At least in Spanish there are only two genders but three! Well Die is for something that is female. And silly me used to see the word "die" and think it was pronounced like the English word die, to stop living. But it is just like "dee" ryhmes with "the". That makes some sense. It is like diesel, the fuel invented by Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel.

So Die katzen, and Der hund. Well so far so good. But then my brain went into overload with Das. I remember the movie Das Boot (not to be confused with DOS Boot in computers) so a boat is neutral. BUT not if the boat has a name. But wait - there's more! Sometimes rivers are male and some rivers are female. Well I guess a lot of things are both male and female.

Anyway the whole point of how Franz and I got into this discussion and how I learned a lot of cool new stuff about the German language is because of spiders, if you can believe that. That is because we say "it" when we talk about a spider in English. And sometimes we say "it" when we talk about animals.

Well I still don't like spiders.
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