Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Clothes

I was really feeling sick in RL last week - what a drag. But I had joined a magick group and have been unable to get to the meetings the past few times. (magic with a "k" means a more spiritual type of magick in my mind, as opposed to "magic" which is the rabbit out of a hat sort of thing) I got a notecard that said to get a magic cape and I did. Then I decided to make a whole outfit to go along with it. I kept finding odd pieces of material and felt just like I was making a quilt.

Then I thought - well let me put my glow ball on my head. I made a glow ball so I would look like I was in an Italian painting. I was not sure why I made it but it seemed to go with this.

Well I was very happy with my clothes although some people on the internet may just say "Hey Rammy, you look like a goof ball!". Well I guess when we go through life if you were always worried about being a goof ball then we would never do anything and just become fat slobs who sat around watching TV all day.

Isn't the idea of fashion really strange? We put these pieces of cloth on us and it is sort of a way of expressing who we are. It is like we are always covering up or something and people never really see who we really are.

I felt so bad when I was sick I started talking to Franz about stuff that was very depressing for some reason. When I felt better I was so sorry I sounded morose. I guess when you get sort of ill your mind will go to strange places. I hope I can send good energy to all my friends - so hear it comes - if you are reading this right now - here comes - buzz - buzz -buzz - a great big positive vibe.
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