Friday, October 31, 2008

Sofa Talk With Friends

Dear blog readers, sometimes I think and think before I write something. I was just sort of sitting around with Spanki, Franz, and Quagmire, then a new person (I feel so bad that I forgot his name - Areo I think) came. Perhaps I will met him again so I can put him in my blog. Anyway I felt like even though I was typing and typing a bunch of stuff, I really couldn't be real. I mean I wanted to really communicate but I could only just type. It really felt so good to just sit around and talk about stuff. I think that maybe my friends know me better than I think though so maybe it is OK.

Last night I had a weird dream. I dreamed I was watching cars drive down the road. One of the cars started to fly. I thought to myself "that is odd for a car to fly". I started thinking the car will fall to earth and crash. And it did. It fell and the crowd watching all gasped. It crashed and smashed up probably killing the driver.

My friend Leigh had a very shocking and sad thing happen in his RL the other day. He called in IM so I went over to his his house. I hope he is doing better today.

I like to write blog posts that are sort of funny that people will have a good feeling and laugh with me but I guess I am not to funny tonight. Well I hope everyone is well and will see you all soon.
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