Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Dinner With Andrej

Well I had not talked to Andrej for a while but did the other night. I am calling this My Dinner With Andrej after that movie where those two guys just sat at dinner and talked. Actually Andrej and I did not eat dinner but that would really wreck up a good blog title. I told him some of the stuff I had been up to and he had some that he had been up to.

I met Andrej at this crazy American High School - but since I dropped out I will not mention the name. It was fun to be there for the first time but I kept getting confused at the classes. Everybody talked all the time and you could not really understand what was going on. I don't think I really like High Schools, at least the American style.

What I liked to do at this school was to swim naked in the pool, but I think some of the students were sort of freaked out about that. Andrej used to be on the gymnastics team at the school and he had a uniform and everything.

Well the last thing I am going to say about American schools is that I keep thinking that there must be something not right in the U.S. if this is what schools are like. It is almost like throwing all the students into a big machine and chewing them up.
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