Thursday, July 3, 2008

Real Real Artists Doing Cool Things

Well Dear Readers I had a bad problem computer earlier this week and did not get to visit SL on the day before yesterday. I had to play computer doctor, but the patient lived. Yesterday Ricardito invited me to an artist place and I was real glad I went.

I like artists because they make stuff that you can look at but will also make things happen in your head. I don't know if you are supposed to say that because that doesn't sound like real art talk that you would say when you visit a museum or something. I hope people don't laugh at me when I try to write about art.

This group is called the Rezzable group I think. (I hope I got that right) I will have to write more and go back again. Last night I had dreams about the big tower like thing that I flew up into. It made me feel like a baby being born or something. I took a picture of me traveling in a bubble transporter.

Then Ricardito took me to where the Greenies live. Here is where it is.
The greenies must live in a house and must run around like mice. When you go into the house you go through a mouse hole, then you realize you are in a doll house. Suddenly you are in a GIANT house OR you are VERY SMALL. It feels just like Alice in Wonderland or something.

Well there is so much that I must write about but I will have to save it for later.
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