Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Times Rule

Dear blog readers I am so sleepy I don't know if I can even type tonight. Leigh and I were talking tonight. Dougg came by for a little while but he went away. Dougg is very small and I hope we did not scare him away since we are bigger than he is.

I had a theory about three times. If you think one of the things you want to do real badly is to ride a roller coaster you shouldn't just want to have as your goal to ride the roller coaster. That's because if you really really want to ride on it the first time you ride you will have so much adrenaline that all you will remember is holding on for dear life. Then when it is done you get off and say "well I rode on the roller coaster".

The second time you ride it you will start to learn where all the curves are and you can sort of appreciate it more. But the third time you will know all the curves and how things feel and all that. So I think if you really want to do something you should not have a goal to just do something but the goal should be to do it three times.
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