Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Crazy Centaur Race

Well this is just a report on a crazy centaur race in Chiaroscuro. Delicious Demon Chemistry and I (in pink shirt) were racing on Leigh Eel and Nae - something. I was sort of dumb and forgot to write his name down so my news reporting skills are sort of bad. But he is a very nice centaur and as soon as I get his name I will put it in the comments section.

Anyway we thought it would be fun to race but it turned out to be a big mess. Leigh started "running into the ditch" as they say on the farm when you are driving the tractor. But he couldn't help it. It is easy for the ride receiver to complain since I didn't have to do any real work - just sit and ride. Ricardito came later and watched.

Well the whole thing was sort of funny and I kept laughing. Anyway - we were not racing for anything, we were just doing it to see how things would evolve. I think it is good to do things to see what will happen with out worrying about what is supposed to happen.

When I started to think about it today my head just sort of flowed into a big lake of crazy thoughts about having fun and enjoying things and all that stuff.

I think people have mind magnets that attract other people with mind magnets and these mind magnets are necessary for humans to be happy. If you spend time all day at a place where the other people's mind magnets are set to zero or are around other people whose magnets are sort of dulled out then you will never be happy.
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