Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art, Power, and the Human Body

Sometimes I come up with titles before I think of what I am going to write in the post. I guess a lot of people start talking before they actually have a thought in their mind so maybe that is just the way humans do things. Well anyway here is what I am thinking about.

A lot of famous artists sell paintings for a lot of money. I always wonder about that and if that just makes art something that only special people in the art maker industry understand and that maybe we as regular people don't have a clue about. Then I started thinking about people who make movies. Why are people driven to make movies?

You know the really weird thing about artists is they don't know they are making art at the time, and that those of us that are both making it and taking it in don't know that it is art.

So I went to the White House. As you can see in this picture I wore these really cool wing things on my shoulder and sort of glove like things. I wore these shorts that looked like they were a Jackson Pollack painting. The President was not there at the time but I took a picture behind his photo.

In the United States they came up with the term "White House" because they didn't want to call it the "President's Palace" or something like that because it sounded too exclusive. There are a lot of people who always have an opinion on something and there are a lot of people who know how to make a lot of money on people who have opinions. If you look at television you will either get numb or turn it off. I hope all of my blog readers will turn TV off. It is all about selling you a bunch of *#$@ that you don't need and will never make you happy. In order to sell you that *#$@ they will figure out a way to push your buttons. They will freak you out or play at your mind by thinking all your problems are caused by such and such and then, wham bam zam - a commercial for some stupid thing that enough people will buy that it is worth it for the advertisers to pay for the air time.

Well anyway I have been very stressed out about stuff in RL lately. But I am glad I have the knowledge of an internal space in my head which I can go to. I feel sorry for people who don't have any escape. I guess that is sort of what all that stuff they group into art, music, literature, etc. is. I don't think art making is about making art at all, it is just about breathing and talking and touching people. Maybe I have been thinking too much. Anyway I hope everybody who is reading this is happy, and I don't just mean it because I sounds nice and all that - I really do mean it.

P.S. (can you say "P.S" in a blog?) I forgot to say anything about the human body.
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