Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Power of Friends of Friends

Well I have not been in SL for a while and went back today. The last thing I was wearing before I left was a cat suit, I had white skin, tail and ears. I left sort of fast and did not have time to change. Quagmire Juran gave me a friend card but I did not have time to talk too much to him. I sort of was worried he may think I was rude or something so when I arrived I called him to talk to him.

It is so strange to make friends. When you first met people it is very exciting. As you talk more you wonder "What does this person think of me?" and "I hope this person does not become mean or anything" and so on. You may think that you can not have friends in a world where you can just type but I don't think that is true. I think that as you get to know people you can see their souls or spirit or something. Sometimes I have dreams of the people I meet in SL. That sounds like I must be some sort of wacko or something - but I swear it is true - I do dream about my friends.
Well I don't know Quag very well at this point so as time goes by maybe I will more and he of me.

Now I must change the subject to an important topic. I like to try on clothes some time and in fact I crashed from changing my clothes too fast. Anyway - this will sound stupid - but I think it is really important to be sure one's butt looks really good in what they wear. So I tried on some swimming trunks and zoomed around to check out my butt. I think these trunks make my butt look pretty cute. Well I know a lot of people do the same thing. It is important to have a cute butt because you never know who may be looking.

Well aside from all of this I hope to write more on different subjects - some about my friends and maybe some about clothes, art, sculpture, relationships, decorating, and so on. And maybe about how we all check out our hot butts from time to time.
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