Friday, December 25, 2009

Getting Old

Yikes - I can't believe I am almost two years old. I remember a long time ago I first came to SL on Christmas day or around that time. A lot of time old people say "my how time flies". Now I am saying it. I am freaking myself out.

I saw this movie the other day where this guy was talking about when he was a kid and could only listen to the radio. The whole movie was just about things that happened around or related to the radio. There was this one scene where people were celebrating New Year's Eve on the top of a building in New York City. They all looked up at the sky and said "Do you think anyone will ever remember 1939 and us here tonight?" (or what ever year it was - I forgot to take good notes) It was one of those "zowie" things I thought, you know, when someone says something that makes your brain feel like it is eating a kumquat, but only sad and happy at the same time. Like a kumquat tastes sweet and tart at the same time. It was a zowie thing to say.

Well blog readers I started thinking about all the people who lived lives a thousand years ago and figured that they must have wondered if anyone would remember them. Once I saw some Egyptian art work and though "wow - the people that did that were real humans!" That must sound like a goofy statement and you may say "well of course". But just think about it, just as you are reading this crazy post you are breathing, maybe eating, etc. but you are alive now. I guess when the guy that did that art work died, some people remembered him, then they died, but the children may remember, until they die. I guess even "famous" people eventually get forgotten.

I liked that movie because it was both happy and sad at the same time. Maybe I feel happy and sad all the time. I have a new theory about why we are the way we are. OK - here it is: We all have minds that are like these configurable building blocks. If you get too concerned about say, what someone thinks about you, or if they are not nice to you or something, then just like a tree, branches grow in that direction. So it is important to re-configure your mind, or trim those branches to keep you in good health in the mind department. I guess we just have to keep growing new branches all the time or something.

I wonder if anyone ever reads any of these blogs we post? Maybe we are just electronically scribbling a lot of stuff that will get buried or erased. I guess it beats watching TV all day and eating potato chips.
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