Saturday, May 22, 2010

Touch the Earth

I was thinking about boat load of stuff today and I guess when you think about stuff it all comes out. So here it is: the most important people in human civilization know how to touch the earth. My friend Andrej and I went to a shopping mall and there was a massage table you could try out. So here is a picture of me trying out a massage on Andrej. We talked and talked about a lot of stuff, some of it silly but some of it important. But alas since we talked in general chat I don't have a record of it so I will have to trust my memory which is sort of flaky sometimes.

Anyway sometimes I watch stuff on TV and all and think it would be really cool to be famous. I think maybe we all have a little wheel that turns this "I would like to be famous" machine in our minds that makes us want to do stuff. If we didn't have it we would have not made it to the 21st century, we would have just died out a thousand years ago and dolphins or some other animal would take over the earth. But since we do have that little wheel I guess we have to ask is it an important wheel that should turn all that we do in life. I mean it is good to have an ego - but is feeding it all we are living for?

I wish I could touch the earth. It is so cool to put seeds into the ground and have them grow into tomatoes and peas and carrots and stuff. But maybe we need to touch other people too.

Well anyway Andrej and I talked about a bunch of stuff but the bottom line is that there really wasn't a bottom line. Maybe it is good not to have a bottom line. I think the lesson I have learned today was that the really important thing is not to try to please the world but to just feel the earth. Well anyway I want to thank everyone for reading this.
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