Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing But Sitting On The Balcony

Poor Franz made a really nice notice for the club but it said "Thursday, September 24" not "Thursday, September 25". What a drag. I've done that sort of thing before too. I told him before it went out and he was going to change it.

We sat on the balcony talked some - just a boring day - just talking. I think the frat house is going to closet of Franz's inventory.

Now I must make a confession before my conscious gets to me. Last night there was a really fun Octoberfest party and I tried to look "German". I wore a handmade black, red and gold shirt to match the German flag. Some people said it was quite creative, thinking I had made it myself. Well I must confess my friend Leigh Eel made it and gave it to me before hand. I just let people believe I made it. Now the truth is out - Rammy Urriah - guilty of shirt fraud!
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