Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Naked Human

Sometimes I think "Hmmm - what would a great title be for this post?" and come up with all sorts of things that probably are quite silly or non-serious. I wonder if there is a thing called non-serious. Many people would get real mad at people who are non-serious. These people are serious so they are type S and others are type NS. The type NS are fun to be around, but they have to be not TOO NS and have an S side that is a available so they will have an anchor to reality. That is important I guess.

Sometimes I write stuff about my friends in SL but I seem to be going off the deep end tonight. I made some really cool glasses (see picture). Then I was thinking about how people make themselves. Some people make themselves into fashion models. If you have the power to invent yourself then why not? But maybe inventing ourselves is the story of our naked self.

I think a lot of people who like to make money make a lot of money exploiting the way we want or need to invent ourselves. Maybe that is the great secret to making money. Maybe that is ALL making money is about. Well maybe or maybe not. A blog is just like a diary turned upside down. When you write in your diary it is locked up with a key and no one can read it. But a blog it is turned upside down, EVERYONE in the world can read it. I guess it all freaks me out. But as long as I can be an NS - all will be OK.

But don't worry dear readers - there is still even more to this crazy story! At one time people used to take picture with cameras with film. There were two types, the type where when you looked through the little window you looked through the lens, and those that you looked at the thing you wanted to take a picture of through a viewfinder. If you had a viewfinder then you had to be careful not to forget to remove the lens cap otherwise you would see what you wanted to take a picture of but the film would not. Many a great picture could be ruined by forgetting to take the lens cap off. All the photographers who had those types of cameras stuck together because they all needed to help each other to remember to take off the lens cap. The photographers would be at a beautiful vista snapping photos, but when they say one of their group had forgotten to take off the lens cap, they would all yell "LC, LC!". (LC = code words for "lens cap" - a secret code message)

I guess there must be a point to that goof-ball story and that is that in life I guess we must remember not to forget to take off the lens cap from time to time. And that wearing glasses is OK too. We are all naked and that's just the way it is.
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