Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018

I haven't written a thing for a long time. Today I was thinking it was about time to add some unnecessary noise to the universe and since you have arrived at this page and are either very bored, have no real life, or are an evil robot, here you go.

I used to think that people used to sing the song about forgetting "old acquaintances" never made much sense. Why should we forget old friends? But people sing it anyway. Some people drink a lot of drinks and make a fool of themselves and I guess I really don't think they care anyway. What a waste. Most of us (including me) are capable of making a fool out of ourselves with out spending all that money on alcohol.

bad hair is in the eye of the beholderI am almost 10 SL years old. Wow. What have I learned? Nothing really. But I do know that hair is important. As you all know the world is constantly under threat by people with bad hair. I think everyone should wear the hairstyle that expresses their personality, etc. But yikes! What is going on in the world? Everyone freaks out about world leaders these days, and perhaps with justification. But my theory is that humans who are basically mentally ill have been gravitating into positions of power ever since the first humans got together.

A zillion years ago (perhaps just several hundred thousand) humans were looking at the dangers around them and all said "we best form human civilization or we will be eaten by saber toothed tigers".  Preferring not to be eaten by saber toothed tigers our ancestors invented human civilization on the spot. One small problem, they needed a leader. A weirdo caveman named Ogg stood up and proclaimed he was going to make civilization great again. All the others said "Hey how can civilization be made great again when it hasn't been invented yet?", but Ogg was not concerned with details. Others were worried that Ogg did not have all his rocks so to speak. Ogg also had weird hair.

Another subject of no importance to add more nonsense to this post is the issue of socks and flip flops. Question one. Who came up with the name "flip flops"? I wonder if people in other parts of the world call them flip flops? I have heard some people call them thongs. If you search "thongs" you get tiny swimwear that can not be worn north of Miami because people in the upper States freak out when they see too much of a human body. Actually I guess the current temperature in January plays a role too.

Anyway to question two on the sock/flip flop issue. In Japan (along with many other countries) people do not wear shoes in the house. This is the most sensible, civilized idea that any group has brought to the great idea table of humanity. It is disgusting to walk around on the sidewalk stepping on all sorts of who knows what, and bringing that into your home. But when you do need to go out to take the trash out one does need to wear some flip flops. This is where my problem comes in. (Actually as I think about it, it is a "problem" not a "question", however I started this paragraph as a "question" so I will let this editorial oversight stay.) If you are wearing socks and need to slip into (oh no - I just remembered in Hawaii they call them "slippers" I think) some sole protection, one must put one's finger between the big toe and its smaller neighbors to make an indentation. This sort of works but not so great. I have found that as long as you don't need to run away from a saber toothed tiger, or a person with bad hair you should be OK.

Well I think this post has manged to turn into still another useless waste of valuable Internet resources.  So dear readers please enjoy the new year and hope the coming year treats you well. 

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